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Welcome to Think Life, Think Jesus. This is a ministry of Eltham Presbyterian Church.

This site has all the details about our lending library, as well as videos and resources to help you discover more about Jesus.

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Who is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus? – TRUE U3 from ColdWater Media on Vimeo.

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Come One and All

What is the Bible?

A video from the UK Bible Society about the Bible and its impact through history.

The Super Cool Story of Jesus

A video story for kids about the life and work of Jesus.

Is God anti-gay?

Sam Allberry is a christian pastor who is same-sex attracted, and believes in traditional marriage. He is the author of a book ‘Is God Anti-Gay?‘ Check out further resources here.

Christianity Explored

Come along Thursday nights through August and September (from 10th AUGUST) 8:00pm @ Eltham Presbyterian Church, 23 Batman Road ELTHAM. Come and discover more about Jesus. Register here.

Real Stories – Stephen

Are we more than our biology?

Scientist Praveen Sethupathy talks about discovering Jesus and evaluating the bible’s claims about him.

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