Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? A prophet with a new teaching? A healer to the sick? A saviour to a lost world? Jesus claimed each of these, but most importantly he claimed to be God in the flesh.
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Welcome to Think Life, Think Jesus. This is a ministry of Eltham Presbyterian Church.

This site has all kinds of resources to help you discover more about Jesus.

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An Old Man’s Speech About Jesus

Forty days after Jesus was born his parents had to present him at the Temple. An old man approached them and said some amazing things about the future of this baby. It was about a future that would touch the whole world. This message was presented Dec 25, 2022 at Eltham Presbyterian Church.

7 Reasons to (Re)Consider Christianity

“Examine the evidence for Christianity and why it is worth considering.

Lots of people assume that Christianity is simply a nice story for kids or a niche hobby for weirdos—or worse, unattractively restrictive.

In this book, Ben Shaw invites sceptical readers to think again. He outlines seven reasons why Christianity is worth considering—or reconsidering—not least because it offers some thought-provoking and rational answers to our deepest questions.”

The book is available here.

Walt’s Story

Walt came to Pastor Jeff Farrar who said that Walt, “was trying to fight his way back…to trust in what the Lord said was true about him.”

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