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Welcome to Think Life, Think Jesus. This is a ministry of Eltham Presbyterian Church.

This site has all the details about our lending library, as well as videos and resources to help you discover more about Jesus.

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Who is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus? – TRUE U3 from ColdWater Media on Vimeo.

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Engaging with a Secular World

Michael Ramsden was in Sydney this year for a pastor’s conference. He talks about how he came to faith in Jesus, why the world desperately needs to heed the message of Jesus, and what the church needs to be on about. This disintegrating world needs the gospel.

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Curious About Jesus?


For the Love of God Movie

Is religion to blame for all that’s wrong in the world? Is the Christian message oppressive and dangerous for humanity? What are the facts about the impact of the church and its message? For the Love of God is in cinemas from this week.

For the Love of God. Trailer from CPX on Vimeo.

Easter Isn’t a Pagan Festival

From Christ and Pop culture. Some think Easter is really just an adopted pagan celebration. The author of this article thinks otherwise.

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Is Hell for Real? Common Misconceptions.

This article from the GOOD BOOK COMPANY

THREE FUNERALS AND A WEDDING: Common Misconceptions About Hell

by Erik Raymond | July 31st 2017

One of the reasons why Christians find it so difficult to talk about God’s judgement is the level of misunderstanding that already exists about what Hell is. The word and the idea is routinely used in conversation, and in advertising to represent something that it is not. Here are three common ones. Continue reading “Is Hell for Real? Common Misconceptions.”

Light of the World

Light of the World | ENGLISH | 120817 | Web Master from Lumo Project on Vimeo. This is a high definition video compiled with sections from the Gospels to tell the first story of Christmas.

Come One and All

What is the Bible?

A video from the UK Bible Society about the Bible and its impact through history.

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