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If you had been here – Easter Poem

Glen Scrivener:

In John chapter 11, Jesus’ best friend lies ill. His family beg Jesus to come and heal him. Jesus does not respond right away. When he shows up, Lazarus has been dead for four days. It seems he’s too late.

But to this tragedy Jesus brings two surprising gifts—tears and triumph. He cries at the grave then raises his friend from death. It’s these tears and triumph that we need in the face of our own tragedies.

The Resurrection: History


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“The Resurrection is attested all over the New Testament, not just the Gospels” – Darryl Bock, Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

God is not dead

Do intellectual arguments convince you about God?
How have you dealt with the historical information about Jesus, and particularly, his resurrection?

This video presents some interesting facts about modern philosophy and the influence of ‘new atheism’ in shaping popular ideas about God, or the supposed ‘death of God’ (a quote from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche).

Jesus: God’s Redemption and Hope (Reading Luke series – part 4)

This last section of Luke’s Gospel looks at the pinnacle of Jesus’ earthly ministry: his death and resurrection. While some might see the story end at Jesus’ death, Luke gives the whole account of God’s plan of redemption, which includes the defeat of death itself. The impact of these events echo throughout history. God’s plan for salvation through Jesus has forever changed how humanity relates to himself, and gives us a hope beyond just this life. Continue reading “Jesus: God’s Redemption and Hope (Reading Luke series – part 4)”

Isn’t the whole idea ridiculous?

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The apostle Paul wrote “if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins” – the resurrection is central to Christianity. But if it is true, then God has truly shown us his power over life and death.

The Resurrection – An Historian investigates

An historian examines the resurrection from CPX on Vimeo.

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