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Christmas – fact or fiction?

Many of us celebrate it… but what truth is there in the story of Jesus’ birth?

The Definition of Christianity – FREE ebook


Download a copy of “The Definition of Christianity” by John Lennox and David Gooding (no strings attached, no email required) from Myrtlefield House Publishers. They have a number of other free resources available too.

Christianity is not essentially a system of morality (as is Confucianism) that has to be adapted to the changing fashion of the centuries or else become outmoded. Nor is it a system of abstract universal philosophical truths, the validity of which is independent of the thinkers who first perceived them. Nor is it like many a pagan religion was, a system of rituals which depended for their effectiveness on being performed correctly.

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The Original Jesus

The Original Jesus by Carl Laferton – is a great introduction to Jesus. This book is available in our lending library or available to purchase (i.e. amazon books, e-book etc).

Jesus: God’s Purpose in Coming (Reading Luke series – part 3)

What was the purpose of Jesus?

The Journey so far…

This is part of a series summarising Luke’s Gospel, looking at the historical account of Jesus’ life and ministry from the eyewitness accounts recorded in the New Testament.

The Journey toward Jerusalem…

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Jesus: God’s Kingdom Come (Reading Luke series – part 2)

What was Jesus really on about?

Why did Jesus come?

Who did Jesus come for?

We’re continuing to look at the Gospel of Luke in this series, exploring the historical record of Jesus’ life and ministry. This section explores Jesus’ ministry in Galilee, in Luke chapters 4-9 (see the video here for a flyover around the Sea of Galilee, just to get your bearings!). Continue reading “Jesus: God’s Kingdom Come (Reading Luke series – part 2)”

Who is Jesus – a look at the claims

Jamie Haith looks at the evidence about Jesus; his claims, his teaching and his actions, and ultimately asks: ‘Who is Jesus?’

Compare the sources: Jesus and Julius Caesar

Professor Darrel Bock investigates the two historical figures in his article found here:

If we believe what the best sources say about Julius Caesar, then we should believe what the best sources say about Jesus Christ.

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