Recommended Books

This is a short list of books we recommend to start discovering more about Jesus. These are available through our lending library or most are available for purchase on-line in print or e-book.

bibleimage The Bible: The New Testament (part 2 of the Bible!)

This features the four ‘Gospels’ – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – historical accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus. The Bible is available to read (in a number of different translations) online here. If you’re not familiar with the Bible, we recommend you start with John’s Gospel.


introducinggodIntroducing God

Engage with God by understanding the life and mission of Jesus. Dominic Steele unwraps the Big Picture of the message of the Bible and how it is important to each one of us personally. (136 pages)


caseforchristThe Case For Christ

A journalist’s personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus. As an atheist and sceptic Lee Strobel was not convinced about Jesus until he discovered that the historical evidence was compelling and demanded an intelligent and very personal response. (367 pages in easy to read first person style.)


reasonforgodbookThe Reason for God

Conversations on Faith and Life: Tim Keller deals with questions like: Isn’t the Bible myth? What about other religions? Why does God allow suffering? Why are Christians such hypocrites? … and many more. He deals with all these questions in an open and respectful manner.


christmasuncutChristmas Uncut

A punchy little book that strips away the cultural fluff we place around the Christmas story and reminds us that it is really a story that involves scandal, controversy, massacres as well as a wonderful mystery. A great way to be introduced to the real Jesus. (62 pages)


religionisforfoolsReligion is for Fools

A former comedian, Bill Medley first wrote this as a letter to his sister-in-law. As a religious sceptic, Bill investigated the five major religions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. This easy to read, often humorous book is the fruit of what he came to believe after his long spiritual journey. (155 pages)




Aimed at youth but suitable for anyone searching for answers. Available as an ebook from here.




From Australian Historian John Dickson :

thechristfilesbookThe Christ Files

“How historians know what they know about Jesus.” This is basically a summary of the key aspects of the DVD series and makes a good reference companion to it as well as being a standalone book in its own right. (92 pages)


thelifeofjesusbookThe Life of Jesus

In an easy style historians are not always noted for, John Dickson presents Jesus of history in his historical setting. John Dickson also has a DVD series with the same name. This book is a great place to start your search for the historical Jesus.


investigatingjesusInvestigating Jesus

Subtitled A Historian’s Quest, this is more of a coffee table book with pictures and maps. It starts with a brief introduction to what is sometimes referred to as the historical search for Jesus and then looks at the earliest records about Jesus.

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