Recommended DVDs

These are a few suggestions for DVDs available for loan from our library (or can be purchased on-line from a book store).

The Christ Files       

christfilesAn investigation into the authenticity of the historical documents about Jesus.  This 4 session presentation was condensed to a one hour special for Channel 7. Apart from the 4 sessions there are hours of additional behind the scenes material and extended interviews with many scholars.



The Life of Jesus

lifeofjesusAn in-depth look at key aspects of the life of Jesus and why it matters to you. This is another presentation from historian John Dickson which aired on Channel 7. These 6 sessions look into the person Jesus in his historical setting and examines why he has become such an influential figure.




Towards Belief

towardsbeliefDocumentary style discussions on 10 leading ‘belief blockers’ that hold people back. Produced in Australia these 30min presentations help you reflect in a fresh way on some of the issues that might be putting you off the Christian church and thinking more deeply about Jesus.



The Reason for God

reasonforgodA DVD based on a New York best seller. Over six sessions, author Tim Keller runs open conversations with a group of people who are at various stages of their spiritual journeys as they discuss some of the hard questions people have about faith and Christianity.



The Case for Christ

caseforchristdvdA documentary version of Lee Strobel’s book of the same name. Strobel, an award winning journalist, set out on a two year journey that ultimately led him from atheism to faith after an investigation into the Bible and the life of Jesus.




thejesusfilmA dramatized movie presentation about Jesus based on historical documents. Apart from the movie which closely follows Luke’s Gospel there are many interviews with various people answering many questions you might have about Jesus, Christianity and the Bible.

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